Very Important Notice from the Chairman

I am delighted to announce that after three years of hard work we have signed a lease that secures our home at the Old Showground for the next 99 years. Securing a long term arrangement at the Old Showground is crucial to the survival and development of the club. It has been a mammoth effort by many in the club over a number of years to raise the lease premium of £200,000. Fund raising events have included It’s a Knockout, the Lions Night, a sponsored bike ride, golf day, wheelbarrow push, paint nights, the 100 Club, New Year’s Eve discos, pop-up- nights, quiz nights, cake sales, raffles and many more. The generosity of the 50 Club members and Debenture Holders has been key. Thanks also to all those who signed up for the 100 Club which has made a significant contribution to the cost of the lease. Please don’t cancel your membership now that the lease is secured as proceeds will go towards repaying the debt we have taken on to close the deal and the draw will continue to be made every month. Follow this link to sign up, current monthly prize £350 for a £10 monthly contribution.

Although current activities had been curtailed by Covid-19, now that the club’s position is secure, members can look forward with confidence that we will continue to improve the club’s facilities and provide an opportunity for the Newport community to enjoy everything the club has to offer both on and off the pitch. We believe signing this lease is an embodiment of our club ethos of “Community-Pride-Passion.”

Many thanks to all of those who have worked so hard to secure the future of Newport Rugby Club, the club and the town owe you a huge debt of gratitude and you should rightly feel proud!
Peter Maher – Chairman – Newport Rugby Club