Wed 22 Sep 2021 10:24

  • Social Media Policy

Members of  NEWPORT SALOP RUFC enjoy the opportunities and rewards of a community-based sports club combined with affiliation to county and national rugby union associations. It is subsequently expected that members will uphold the ethos of the club in all social media interactions. Members will not act in such a way that the image of  NEWPORT SALOP RUFC is brought into disrepute nor in a way that harms it’s immediate and wider rugby community.


Social media can be, when appropriate, an effective tool and is commonly used by the  NEWPORT SALOP RUFC community to disseminate information, express their views, comments, ideas and criticism on a whole range of issues.  NEWPORT SALOP RUFC expects members to use social media in a respectful and responsible manner. Social media should not be used to insult, present offensive or inappropriate content or to misrepresent the club or any member of the club or the external rugby community.


The purpose of this section is to set standards of behaviour for the use of social media that are consistent with the broader values and expectations of the rugby community.


Social Media – refers to all social networking sites such as (but not limited to) Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Formspring, YouTube and MySpace, Team sites such as Pitchero, and includes email and mobile devices.


This Policy applies to all members of  NEWPORT SALOP RUFC


  1. Members are expected to show respect to others, including members of the wider rugby community and act at all times within the core values of the game.


  1. Members are also expected to give due respect to the reputation and good name of  NEWPORT SALOP RUFC.


  1. When using Social Media, members are expected to ensure that they:


  • Respect the rights and confidentiality of others;
  • Do not impersonate or falsely represent another person;
  • Do not bully, intimidate, abuse, harass or threaten others;
  • Do not make defamatory comments;
  • Do not use offensive or threatening language or resort to personal abuse towards each other or members of the High Wycombe Rugby Club or the wider Community;
  • Do not post content that is hateful, threatening, pornographic or incites violence against others;
  • Do not post content that harms the reputation and good standing of  NEWPORT SALOP RUFC or those within its community;
  1. Members are expected to report any content that they encounter that is in breach of this policy to the Club Secretary.


  1. Any Member wishing to set up any social media interaction which contains any  NEWPORT SALOP RUFC branding, whether explicit or implied, must seek approval of the General Committee and agree to moderate the content in accordance with this policy.


  1. Communications must NOT be sent directly to any youth section member directly. Such communication must be sent to the parent or guardian of the young member.


  1. If a young player has a social media account they should NOT offer or accept invitations to or from coaches/club officials on a private platform. The club asks that no child have access to age and age groups specific page with out a parent also having access.


  1. Coaches/Officials should NOT have young players contact details on an electronic device – primary contact should be with a parent/guardian.


A breach of this policy will be considered by the committee, or their delegates, and will be dealt with in the current disciplinary structure on a case-by-case basis.


The club reserves the right to request deletion of any material it deems inappropriate from any club related social media site.


All reports of cyberbullying and other technology misuses will be investigated fully and may result in notification to the police where the rugby club is obliged to do so. Sanctions may include, but are not limited to, suspension, or banning from membership of  NEWPORT SALOP RUFC. Members must be aware that in certain circumstances where a crime has been committed, they may be subject to a criminal investigation by the police over which  NEWPORT SALOP RUFC will have no control.